Customer Support

When you partner with KPrimeSoft, you will also get access to a support team that is fully dedicated to ensure that your needs are met. Not only will our team promptly jump on any issue you might have and ensure a quick resolution, but we will always research and anticipate any potential issues and we take appropriate measures to ensure that you and your business are never affected.

Our Approach to Customer Support

KPrimeSoft utilizes a 2 headed-support method which provides you with a client relationship manager and a day-to-day operations support manager. The client relationship manager will coordinate all the aspects of the services, starting with the implementation of all new initiatives that may be required. The operations support manager will be your main point of contact to deal with technical or functional issues that you may encounter when using our technology. With such support, you can rest assured that you will have all the attention you deserve, because KPrimeSoft understands that as partners, our success depends on making sure that you succeed first.

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Additional Resources

Besides the contact information we provide you for your dedicated support, we also give you access to additional online resources that you can use anytime to build your in-house competencies. These include:

  • Product Information
  • Case Studies
  • Web-based demos or training materials
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