The Gantt View is one of WDM’s features that allows you to manage your projects more efficiently through tasks.

It is commonly used in project management. It is one of the most effective tools to visually represent the progress of a project’s different activities or tasks. The Gantt View lists all the tasks to be accomplished to complete the project successfully. The Chart indicates the date by facebook these tasks must be completed. The header line of the Gantt view represents the most suitable time units for the project (quarter day, half day, day, week, month, etc.).

This diagram shows at a glance:

🔸 The different tasks to consider.

🔸The start date and end date of each task.

🔸The expected duration of each task.

🔸The start date and end date of the project as a whole.

You are a director or a project manager for constructing a road or a building and the like. If you want to follow the evolution of the project activities, then use the Gantt View. It’s an effective tool with many strengths and works just as well in initial project planning. Indeed, it offers the possibility of a synthetic vision of the course to come. Then, it helps identify bottlenecks and other potential risks to the procession of tasks. It is also a sound communication tool with your team, allowing you to follow the project from a distance. You can react at any time for any adjustment, and you have complete control of all project activities (“Not Started,” “In Progress,” “At Risk,” “Late,” or “Completed”) for a better follow-up.

The Gantt View is adaptable to all projects; some be their domains and sizes. From a small associative project to constructing a nuclear power plant, it is possible to plan everything with Gantt view

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