IMS offers you a new feature to better manage stock between multiple warehouses or stores and shops: Inventory Transfer.

You can track and receive incoming inventory by creating an inventory transfer in inventory transfer. Inventory transfers track inventory between your store locations if you have multiple locations.

The inventory transfer involves the transfer of products from one point of sale or warehouse to another facility. This operation aims to balance the quantities of goods available in the various warehouses and stores and define the optimal stock level to provide the service.

With inventory management software like IMS, companies with multiple facilities can record the movement of goods from when they leave a store or warehouse to when they deliver to the point of arrival. Thus, the risk of error is minimal.

Moving inventory between two facilities offers two main advantages:

  • For the shipping warehouse, it frees up space to store new references. In this way, the company prevents products stored in its warehouse from becoming obsolete, which would lead to increased storage costs.
  • For the receiving installation, redistribute inventory, which gives you the necessary references to provide a better service. The availability of goods results in customer satisfaction, who can buy the desired items at the right time.

     The importance of stock transfer

is a crucial process for companies with commercial. For what? Indeed, customer service from different sales channels can lead to inventory imbalances, i.e., breakage or shortage of goods.

One of the solutions to avoid running out of goods is to transfer stock, which consists of shipping products from one warehouse to another in need.

Another way to avoid stockouts in warehouses and stores is the correct demand planning depending on consumer habits. In this way, companies can determine the number of goods to be stored and anticipate possible stock transfers.

Download the KPIP application on and move further and further towards better technology.

Download the KPIP application on and move further and further towards better technology.


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