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KPrimeSoft has spent years studying various industries, and partnered with many experts to develop state of the arts solutions that make it easier to run a business efficiently. Our suite of products covers various areas including resource management, work distribution and accounting. These are out of the box ready to be deployed that your organization can take advantage of from day 1. KPrimeSoft will also work with you to develop customized solutions based on your requirements. Once you connect with us, you can rest assured that we will provide you the right platform for you to be successful.


We invite you to browse through our suite of innovative and advanced solutions and let us know how we can partner with you:

CRM | Client Relationship Management

A client is no longer a customer, but a partner

With KPCRM, you are not only able to perform the traditional functions of a client relationship management system, but you will also have access to tools that provide you with the ability to communicate directly with your clients and exchange documents and e-signatures seamlessly and securely via an integrated portal, thus increasing your productivity and customer satisfaction.

HRM | Human Resource Management

Your people are your main asset; unlock their potential

This solution will provide you with so much more in terms of how you can effectively manage your employees, communicate with them and ensure proper actions are executed timely and followed up when necessary.

IMS | Inventory Management System

Know where you stand to be more profitable

KPrimeSoft has worked diligently with industry leaders to develop KPIMS, which gives your organization robust tools for tracking your sale and production inventories for instance, and provide a state of the arts reporting and dashboard that will allow you to always be one step ahead of the competition.

AMS | Accounting Management

Your money, your organization – manage it efficiently

Our accounting system does much more than the traditional system on the market that offers few options to onboard you and then force the customer to upgrade at a much higher premium to gain full access

WDM | Word Distribution Management

Use this innovative technology platform to efficiently distribution tasks and responsibilities across your organization efficiently. You will also be able to track progress, receive instantaneous updates and provide feedback. All this packed in one easy solution called WDM

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ReMS | Rental Management System

Manage your properties and clients with ReMS, a new plateforme specifically built to support the real estate industry. Gone are the days where you need to keep large spreadsheets just to track the monthly rents, billing, repairs and others. With ReMS, you will be on top of your game and your clients will appreciate you for it.

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THEMIS | Judicial Case Management System

You are a lawyer, a notary, a legal clerk, a bailiff; talk to us about THEMIS. This system will make your work look easy. You will run your firm efficiently and provide unparalleled service to your clients. You will also be able to track your expenses and revenues in real time and adjust your services to meet your goals.

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K-STAR | Business Management Module Suite

Make your organization whole and take it to the next level!

KPrimeSoft is proud to introduce K-STAR which is our fully integrated enterprise wide platform that will allow your organization to take full advantage of all our management products within a single unified system.

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