Professional Services

Our Professional Services team is fully integrated within the organization, and works directly with our Research and Development as well as our Product Management team to create and deploy innovative solutions. They rely on various and proven implementation techniques that will be tailored to your organization’s needs and capabilities to ensure that your ROI is fully optimized.

Assessment and System Selection

When you partner with KPrimeSoft, not only do you get the best of breed technology solutions, but you also work with some of the best implementation professionals who will support you from the initial contact to discuss your needs to the actual deployment. The team will assist you in capturing and defining your requirements, and will develop a process for an objective system selection that will solely be based on your identified needs and nothing else. We will also offer you a roadmap plan for implementation as well as the right mix of resources needed to achieve a successful deployment.

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System Implementation and Integration

Our team will work closely with you to establish a framework to implement the new technology as well as ensure a smooth integration into your existing infrastructure. We will mobilize our professionals that include business and data analysts, system architects, developers, testers and seasoned project managers to deliver the deployment within the time and budget constraints. 

We also offer you flexible options for deployment to ensure that only the best-suited solution to support your growth is implemented. You will also be glad to know that we have fully integrated cloud computing within all our products, thus ensuring that your IT costs will be significantly lower and require a lighter resource footprint to maintain moving forward.

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Once you deploy our solutions, you will have access to an incredible suite of features and functions to run your business effectively. However, if you require additional capabilities, our professional services will work closely with you to define, design, develop and deploy these new options. Our main goal is to always ensure that you can leverage our products to fuel your success.

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