As a manager, you don’t always have time to look over your employees’ shoulders to make sure they are doing their job. It is even possible that your staff will have to work remotely due to unforeseen circumstances. That is the reason you need KPrimeSoft’s latest technology platform, WDM. This software will allow you to manage your business while effectively empowering staff.

You will be able to quickly assign tasks and responsibilities to your staff and set deadlines for completion. Your employees will be able to view the assigned tasks in their queue on a general dashboard and provide you with updates on the progress.

With WDM, you will always know which tasks are completed as well as which are in progress. Staff will provide you with their own assessment online, but the system will also use an internal algorithm to indicate the true status of the assigned work.

As you view your employees’ progress, you can quickly provide feedback on tasks and view their feedback. You can also edit your own comment to ensure your thoughts are communicated correctly and your staff will be aware of the change.

WDM will send you a notification when you receive a new task assigned to you or a posted comment addressed to you.

You will receive alerts when a task may not be delivered on time. This will give you the opportunity to react quickly and ensure you get back on track.

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