WDM - Work Distribution Management

As a manager, you don’t always have time to look over your employees’ shoulders to make sure they are doing their job. There are also times where you need to be absent from the office and attend to other businesses. You may even be in a situation where your organization has to work remotely due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite all that, no manager should feel powerless in trying to ensure that his organization is running smoothly without overbearing the employees. This is why you need KPrimeSoft’s newest technology platform WDM. This software will allow you to run your company without micromanaging the staff.

Distribute work efficiently and effortlessly

You will be able to quickly assign tasks and responsibilities to your staff and set deadlines for completion. Your employees will be able to view the assigned tasks in their queue and on a general dashboard and provide you updates on progress.

Track progress and make adjustments

With WDM, you will always know the completed tasks as well as the ones in progress. The staff will provide you their status online, but the system will also use an internal algorithm to indicate the true status of the task.

Communicate with your staff interactively

As you view your employees’ progress, you can quickly provide feedback on the tasks and view their comments. You can also edit your own comment to ensure that your thoughts are properly communicated and your staff will be notified of the change.

Receive notifications with no delay

WDM will send you a notification when you receive a new task assigned to you or a posted comment that is directed to you.

Alerts capabilities

You will receive alerts once a task is at risk of not being delivered on time. This will provide you the opportunity to react quickly and make sure to get back on track.

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