Apply the right technology to maximize ROI

All solutions are not created equal. At KPrimeSoft, we understand this; and that’s why we are able to help companies seamlessly manage and efficiently control their day-to-day operations through innovative and revolutionary technologies.

Why KPrimeSoft?

We believe that operations and technology are intertwined. We believe that one cannot do without the other. But more importantly, we believe in a technology that provides great business value and an incredible customer experience. This is why at KPrimeSoft, we have assembled a great team of engineers and leaders with various backgrounds to develop top shelf products. 

Our technology solutions are designed to efficiently support your organization in the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Inventory Control and Administration, Accounting and Financial Reporting, and Human Resources Management. Our professional services stand ready to accompany you in conducting a thorough assessment of your operations, design a strategy for an effective system selection, develop a plan for onboarding and integrating a new digital platform, as well as manage the implementation within the timelines and budget.

The benefits of deploying a KPrimeSoft solution

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, great organizations require great technology to be competitive and remain competitive. But to achieve a true digital transformation that enables your company and your people to achieve their full potential, it will take an integrated approach to how you organize, manage, and distribute work. This is where KPrimeSoft excels, as we have spent years understanding and developing solutions that address your operational needs and are able to seamlessly integrate to form powerful, nimble and highly efficient platforms that are unmatched in the business. We have also taken full advantage of cloud computing to maximize the value to our customers while adopting stringent cyber security measures to ensure your data protection.

We invite you to work with our experts to deploy our advanced strategic tools:

  • CRMS – our sleek and innovative client relationship management system
  • IMS – our industry trend setting inventory control and management system
  • HRMS – our revolutionary tool for effectively managing your human resources
  • AMS – our accounting system that makes cash flow management and financial reporting easy
  • KPIP – our fully integrated platform that will take your organization to new levels

Our Methodology

We believe in partnerships, not in commercial transactions. When you come into contact with us, it is our commitment that we will provide you with all the required information in all transparency for you to make the right decision for your organization. From the initial meeting to the final deployment of our technology within your infrastructure, you can rest assured, that you will be accompanied by a team that is professional, knowledgeable, attentive, and above all, has a unique focus on providing you with the best possible services, products and customer experience. Success for us is when a client says these simple words: “It was a pleasure working with you”. That is what guides us; that is what motivates us.

Our Team

KPrimeSoft believes that great talent, dedication and work ethic produces great results for the organization and the clients. This is why we have worked hard to assemble a great team of senior leadership that is battle tested and can also rely on an incredible cast of technology analysts, architects, developers and testers. We will work closely with your team to ensure that our technological solutions will exceed your expectations, or develop appropriate customizations to address all your needs.

Our Approach

First, we want to understand your needs. Then we will work closely with your team to assess your people, processes and technology. As partners, we will review the findings and recommendations made by KPrimeSoft professional services so you can make a decision on the right solution for your organization. Our team will then collaborate with your operations and technology team to ensure a smooth deployment and establish appropriate protocols for an effective customer support. You can rest assured that we will be present, that is to say by your side at all times. Remember, our only measure of success is when you express your satisfaction.

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