THEMIS - Judicial Case Management System

Coordinating and executing various related activities of a legal case can be very challenging. You not only have to be aware of the law and regulations, but you also have to be well organized, keep good track of the cases, make proper and timely contacts, and have an unparalleled archiving system. If you are looking for a platform that can help you do all that efficiently while saving on time and cost, then THEMIS is the right solution for you. Call KPrimeSoft today and get a demo.

Advanced data capture and records management

Adding new clients or creating new cases within THEMIS is intuitive, dynamic and interactive. A record in the visitor log can be quickly moved to the clients table and linked to new cases while attaching multiple related documents. All these functionalities are seamlessly integrated making the process easy to use.

Track progress and communicate with involved parties

With the large number of cases and clients to manage day to day, you will be happy to know that this system will assist you in keeping good track of your progress and provide proper notifications as needed. You will be able to communicate with your partners in a timely manner and take appropriate actions thus avoiding costly delays.

Electronic billing and payments

KPrimeSoft has implemented electronic billing which will allow you to send your invoices to your clients email or SMS and receive notifications as actions are taken. Multiple payments options such as credit card, paypal and others are available for your clients to use. This will enhance user experience and improve payments collection timing.

Interactive and dynamic dashboard

THEMIS also provides you a dashboard that gives you a view into how your organization is performing. You will be able to include the critical information you want to see, and have access to it at any time and wherever you need to.

Template generation and reuse

We have implemented a unique feature in THEMIS that gives you the ability to create specific templates that fit your needs and be able to reuse them as many times as required. This functionality will ensure consistency in your processes and save you time and money.

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