ReMS - Rental Management System

Managing multiple properties can be very difficult. You need to keep track of your clients, the renters, contractors and all the administrative work that goes with it. This adds up to an uncontrollable overhead and can make the business less profitable. You also run the risk to miss your revenues targets as you will spend more time chasing after missed payments. If you are ready for a positive and more successful change, KPrimeSoft has a solution for you: ReMS. This advanced platform has been specifically conceived, designed and developed specifically to address all these issues and create opportunities to render your business more profitable while staying ahead of the competition.

Effortlessly manage your data

With ReMS, it’s quite easy to add clients, properties, renters and all the information that is critical to managing a successful real estate business. You will have full control of your data in a safe and secure environment, available to you anywhere and whenever you need it with no limitations other than the ones you set yourself.

Interactively communicate with all parties involved

This platform makes it easy to connect with your clients or renters in an interactive manner to address pressing issues. ReMS makes it abundantly clear that the best communications are the ones that are not intrusive but provide proper channels to receive and share information.

Electronic billing and payments

Going forward, you will no longer need to mail your bill or chase after payments. Your clients will appreciate that bills can be electronically delivered via their email or SMS. They will also have the ability to leverage the multiple payment options available to pay online. We call this: no more excuses for late payments.

Sleek and dynamic

The system has been designed to make the user comfortable using it. The navigation is intuitive and it will not take long to train your staff to leverage all the various functionalities offered by this module. You will appreciate the amazing thought process that went into creating this system with you in mind. Make a change today and do away with the unnecessary paperwork and processes that are slowing your down while not increasing your revenues.

Global view of your business through an innovative dashboard

As a business leader, you need to know at all times how your organization is performing in various aspects. This is why KPrimeSoft has implemented an interactive and dynamic dashboard to allow you to track the critical information about your day to day operations and take quick actions if necessary. With ReMS, there is no more guessing; just appropriate action at the right time.

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