K-STAR | Business Management Module Suite

Make your organization whole and take it to the next level!

K-STAR’s very impressive thing is that all features are seamlessly integrated, giving you an amazing customer experience as well as a superb ability to manage your organization. Deploying K-STAR will enable your organization to achieve the highest levels of productivity and profitability while taking full advantage of the latest technologies and cloud computing to ensure the security of your data. You will also have an integrated dashboard that brings all the aspects of your business into one place, providing you powerful insights and information to speed up your decision making. You will also be able to anticipate potential issues and take corrective actions to keep your organization running strong. Take advantage of all the  amazing reporting capabilities this innovative platform offers. You will have full control of your data which can be viewed based on various criteria such as time, category,  item or more. You will be able to extract as well as export it for further transformation as needed.

K-STAR component modules

The K-STAR business management module suite includes several modules, namely:

CRM | Client Relationship Management

A flexible and intuitive tool to onboard and effectively manage your clients’ data in a secure and safe environment. Your interactions with your customers and follow ups are properly categorized to identify the best leads to increase sales. And finally, with the e-signature functionality, you will be able to optimize your customer and your staff time for a greater return on investment.

HRM | Human Resource Management

Your most valuable resource is your personnel. Keeping track of your employees time sheets, vacation, benefits and conducting payrolls are all key functionalities that KPIP offers. With this tool, you will be able to effectively manage and effortless communicate with your staff for a higher productivity for your organization

IMS | Inventory Management System

Jump into the 21st century with a state of the art tool that helps you enhance your stock management. Whether it’s your production or your sales inventory, track the units level closely, and anticipate your reorder schedule and prevent any shortage that could impact your customers satisfaction and your own reputation.

AMS | Accounting Management

With the AMS module, you will be able to account for your activities, calculate your cash flows, determine your profit/loss seamlessly in a fully integrated environment. As do all the other modules included in KPIP, you will access an innovative dashboard that will provide great insights into the trends and help you make timely decisions.

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